Ah, now that was a show!  I had an absolute blast last week at...

My EP Release Party was a success! This is a shot from the end of the show, when my 6-piece group was joined by 3 EBB horn... I loved loved having a horn section, it was so energizing.

This was the last song in EBB's set, and they invited me on stage to sing, along with the rest of my band for a complete mash-up!

Element Brass Band (EBB) opened up the night with their lively New Orleans sound.

Front shot of the mashup!

Here you can see almost all of the instruments, except the pedal steel!

Merch table!

Ah, now that was a show!  I had an absolute blast last week at my EP Release Party of “Past 10″ in downtown Sacramento, CA.  It took a lot of work, and it was so worth it!  I am grateful for all of the talented musicians including Arlyn Anderson (guitar), Samuel Phelps (bass), Mathew-Smith Gentry (drums), James Malone (keys), Brandon Dickinson (pedal steel), Byron Colborn (baritone saxophone), Anthony Coleman (trumpet), and Reagan Branch (saxophone).  The cool thing is that most of those cats were the players who went in the studio with me.  Also grateful for the artwork by Christina Wilkinson… we had a real cool pink theme going!  There were many more people involved and not to mention the crowd was awesome.  So anywho, I was definitely pleased and am looking forward to seeing where this album takes me =).

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