Coast Visitin

I went to the coast with the goal of surfing. Well that and the most important thing, friends.
It was one of those spur of the moment trips, where my friend was randomly in town and I hitched a ride back with him to Half Moon Bay. We were greeted by his lovely family.  His wife is my best friend.
I made sure to run every morning, to soak in the coolness which was so disparate from the heat of Sactown. I trailblazed along the coast, seeking the most scenic ocean views, the most Redwooded paths. I found a Marine reserve, where half the beach was for people and half the beach was for seals.
On the third day, I finally got to surf. I couldn’t stop laughing as the waves crashed into me and overtook my body. It didn’t matter how much salt water went up my mouth and nose, I felt free in the ocean.
The next morning I went jogging and brought my camera. Along the path I kept stopping everytime I saw something too beautiful to pass up.
I am grateful for that time with friends, their laughter and generosity.  And the change of location.  I can still feel nature’s gift of serenity.

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