Emily Kollars

Hello and welcome!  I am Emily Kollars and I am so excited to share my music with you!  You can listen to some of my original songs, and a few covers, by using the music player at the bottom of this page, or by clicking on the music page of this website.  I recently moved to Los Angeles and hope to have some upcoming shows soon!  Please sign up for my mailing list for all the latest news and a free download!

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Dreaming and singing my way through life, this is who I am. Music is my portal to learning, creating and relating. It is my gift of energy, love and peace.
I was born in Miami, Florida to a folk singing mother and a father who played keyboards in an 80’s rock band.  We moved to Sacramento, California shortly thereafter.  As a young girl, I knew my passion was singing. It is written in my diary, and was vocally shared with everyone I knew, whether they liked it or not! I have been a songwriter for longer than I can remember.
I cannot express my gratitude for the encouragement I have received. My parents gave me the best classical piano lessons money could afford, and would not let me quit when the going got tough. I was in every choir possible.
My teachers applauded my musical interpretation of projects, allowing songs for speeches.  My professors encouraged me beyond my wildest dreams. At Sarah Lawrence College, New York, I was given three private lessons per semester, from classical voice to jazz piano to composition.  All the teachers in my life have wanted and expected me to fly.
Inspired by such diverse musical icons as Björk, Nirvana, Erykah Badu, No Doubt, Paula Morelenbaum, Radiohead, Debussy and Bartók, I started performing as a solo artist in 2011 in my hometown, Sacramento.
Today I am a piano teacher and singer, fronting my own band as well as singing back-ups for Steelin' Dan, a Steely Dan cover band. Being on stage singing and passing on my love of music to an audience or student are the happiest, most fulfilling moments in my life. It is a taste I will never be filled by, always craving more.