Private Piano, Music Theory, and Voice Lessons

Emily Kollars has over ten years of teaching experience with both children and adults.  Her passion for music stems from 13 years of classical piano training, and formal vocal study.  She holds a Bachelors degree in music from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where she immersed herself in jazz studies and songwriting.


Her approach to teaching encompasses music theory, technique and expression tailored to the individual student.  An advocate for the continuation of musical knowledge and skills passed down through generations, she, above all, knows how to instill the love and joy of music in her students. She teaches private piano lessons with a classical approach to reading, a strong emphasis in music theory, and the welcome addition of basic rock, pop and jazz elements.  It is with a classical approach to reading that her students gain their basic foundation, and find they can learn and enjoy playing piano music for their entire lives.  Music theory develops ones ability to breakdown music into its basic parts, and with that knowledge comes the ability to rebuild - to improvise and to create art.  She has had many vocal students as well, mainly in rock, RnB, and jazz genres, and has helped them improve their delivery, tone and pitch.


"When people see me sing, they often wonder about my training.  I always credit the wonderful mentors and teachers in my life.  They gave me invaluable information: how to practice efficiently, how to enjoy practicing, and how to be truly musical and artful while playing and singing.  Some of them were very demanding, some of them super fun, and some of them incredibly encouraging.  These are the gifts I hope to pass on to my students."  -Emily

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